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Injection Performance

U.S. Patent # 6,422,015


For Turbo

Fits All Ford, Dodge and GM Turbo Diesel Engines





Injection Performance Products introduces the Powershot 2000® propane injection system for turbo diesel owners who are looking for increased fuel mileage and more power for towing.

With its innovative and patented (US Patent #6, 422015) design and method of propane delivery, this system is unique to any other system on the market.

The Powershot is a variable-stage vapor injection system. Unlike other systems that are only boost pressure activated, the Powershot system is activated, controlled and flows in proportion to the boost pressure of the engine. The Powershot comes on slow and steady and as the boost increases, so does the flow of propane. More boost=more propane=more power! It is fully adjustable and can be customized for your specific application in minutes for towing, performance or mileage gains.

Since 2000, the easy-to-install Powershot system has safely and substantially increased horsepower and torque) for thousands of cars, trucks and motor homes. The system installs in about two hours and requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle or engine.

The Powershot is a must for extra towing power for those situations when the vehicle struggles and also just for all-around performance increases. Modest net mileage gains of 1-3 mpg are an extra bonus. Less soot, due to the more complete burn of the diesel fuel results in cleaner oil.

With proven, not just claimed safety for over six years, the Powershot system has been designed and engineered with every imaginable safety feature. The quality of the components is obvious: from the custom machined billet aluminum anodized Powershot LP regulator to the automotive UL rated LP fuel lock-off solenoid valve (located in the preferred spot, at the tank.) With a Powershot system, all of the regulating is done at the tank eliminating the need for bulky and intrusive under hood engine mounted installations and further enhancing safety concerns. An additional regulator maintains a constant tank pressure regardless of outside temperatures. A DOT or ASME (permanently mounted) vapor propane tank is required and sold separately.
(See example of installed tanks / hook-ups).

Powershot 2000™ Propane Injection kit for turbo charged diesel engines by Injection Performance Products:

  • Increases fuel mileage.
  • Optimizes engine performance (See the dyno results!)
  • Can decrease diesel emissions-fuel burns cleaner, oil stays cleaner
  • Improves towing capabilities.especially when climbing hills, merging, etc.
  • Easy installation and virtually no maintenance
  • All mechanical unit works with any turbo diesel vehicle
  • No Hobbs switches, or bulky converters, mixers or sensors to adjust or hassle with.
  • New in-cab remote adjuster available.
  • Makes your truck FUN TO DRIVE - Guaranteed!